Huwebes, Oktubre 11, 2012

The Poem

By Tita Lacambra-Ayala
Excuse the cactus
thirsting on the sill
excuse it's quills
stuck out :
they're only an attempt
at self-defense.

See how it bleeds
to fossils the old sand
itself looking to be such
a fussy fossil.

Not quite futile.

It should require
some sort of guile
some genius
to subsist on suns
ome lake of sand
(have both for free!)
and come out looking
freshly green,
(juicy even)

as if in spite of
as if in fun.

10 komento:

  1. The poem want to emphasized of what are the environment of cactus compare to other plants and how it does survive despite of all the obstacles that the cactus encountering. It shows how the cactus survive especially in hot places such as the Middle East. However, the poem have broad words that could not be easily understood and needed to be analyzed thoroughly.

    -- Malou M. Marasigan

  2. Nice poem and very interesting but its to hard to understand because it has a deeply meaning words.

  3. --------------------------------------------------
    We see that cactus is different with other plants..
    it has quills to defend..
    can survive in hot places....
    remains fresh although it's hot..
    in life, we need to be like a cactus,
    we need to be strong in every trials and challenges..
    remains fresh and survive .. so fight! ;)

    -Andy Catacutan-

  4. The poem show how a cactus can survive under the hottest sun rays but still standing fighting for its life.

  5. A cactus, as we all know is different from other plants because of the thorns around it. We all know that when we hold it we would get hurt. In one's life sometimes we would feel pain, all we have to do is learn from it. Everyone makes mistakes if we keep on holding on it, but if we just let it go, the pain would slowly be cured.

  6. Naalis ng may-ari ang komentong ito.

  7. The traits of a cactus that would likely be mentioned in a poem are their hardiness and ability to go without water for a long time, and their spines.

    -- Joyce Ann de Castro

  8. Same poem lol :)))
    by the way I enjoyed reading it, and I know you worked hard on it.
    nice blog..
    Brilliant concept… :)

  9. cactuses are great plants though its to "thorny" to handle it. the poem shows the positive sides of a cactus despite of its appearance.